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Plugs and Sockets

"SKE" Plug & Sockets
SPN 10A. P & S BOX
SPN 20A. P & S BOX
TPN 20A. P & S BOX
TPN 30A. P & S BOX
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"SKE" Plug & Socket Distribution Board
The plugs and sockets (or switch covers) are constructed to modern standards and ensure a high degree of electrical safety. Moreover, the switch covers have a sleek and elegant look.

Available in steel sheet fabrication fitted with plug & Socket of single Phase (10 & 20) Amps) or 3 Phase (20 & 32 Amps) with provision for fitting SP & TP MCB.
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Specifications: IS 309-3, IEC: 1989
· 10A, 20A For Single Phase (2P+E), 250 V
· 20A, 30A for Three Phase (3P+E), 440V

· Outer casing made of non corroding die cast aluminium alloy, interior moulded from superior grade phenolic/polyester compound.
· Overhang protection against accidental contacts with live parts.
· The earth connection makes first and breaks last.
· Rubber Cable gland at the entry of the plug protects the incoming flexible cable.
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